I Began practicing Tai-Chi because I was aware that as I got older I was loosing what limited physical suppleness I had what I liked most was that the Art was the result of the accumulated wisdom of generations of a materially poor but Spiritually rich people. Because of the Physical benefits which are considerable also because of the increasing awareness of internal Energies and its movements throughout the Body Encourages Reflection on the attunment of our being. So you have system which imp roofs balance coordination and suppleness and also provides Self Confidence and Self Defense applications. Spiritual Developments! It is this all combining composition which gives me immense pleasure to practice Tai-Chi.


I started Tai-Chi because I felt tired lack of energy and what is amazing that Tai-Chi can imp roof Energy levels!

I continued because the movements looked so beautiful, I loved to watch the Sword form, didn't think that I would ever be able to do anything like it but maybe could work towards moving more gracefully.

Tai-Chi improved my posture, I walk taller I feel more proud of being tall, my self-confidence improved. I am more flexible and stronger (Physical and Mentally).Tai-Chi opened doors for me to a new life, I can feel energy I didn't know existed. I started to learn a complementary Therapy based on Energy flow. I am more independent, enjoy doing things for myself, enjoy meeting new people. New friends.

I continue Tai-Chi because it improves my life in all dimensions.


I continue to practice firstly because of the quality of the practice session, the enthusiasm and dedication Showed by the Teacher the atmosphere. ( positive and humorous) in the session.

It has thought shown me a way to laugh more frequently, to yield to aggressive behavior, to develop within ( 40 Years to go! ) Health benefits.

Every session brings forth something new special. Which when taken, takes one to a deeper level of understanding. It's Phenomenal!


I really wanted to get some balance in to my life, mind and body. I was really pleased with myself that I had taken up Tai-Chi, and I did feel different, even in outlook, quite quickly!

It is good fun in fact funny trying to make my body follow what my eyes are seeing in class. I do feel more grounded generally, and stronger and fitter mentally and physically. Also I feel closed to my class mates and enjoy meeting up with the hole group of people who attend all the classes. Its very peaceful and invigorating, which is unusual in one practice. Thank you for your humor in putting up with my lack of practice which leads to my movement dyslexia.


I wanted an exercise regime that I could do with my wife. Made me think!

I am getting better and want to get even better.

I started to learn Tai-Chi to learn something new, to imp roof coordination, to balance mind and body, to develop a martial art.

I enjoy our group, observing us changing and growing!

I love your patience!!!


I had read about Tai-Chi in a book and felt I would like to have a go. For a while I was looking around for fairly local classes. Then I found Thomas had a class in Tregaron. My Husband also went along and we were hooked. The hour passed so quickly and I really enjoyed it thorough I did find the moves hard to remember at home. I felt much better after a class.