Healing Multi Dimensional Energy

Energy work and healing

This is a fast subject and I am only touching the surface with this comments.

I feel every Martial Art should have some kind of natural healing with it. If you learn to kill you also should have a appreciation of curing and helping to bring the balance. I never thought that I would do healing and it came step by step and now I consider it essential. If I practice Shiatsu I learn all the Healing and Killing Points and get guided to them thru the healing practice, which will help me to be a better martial artist?

We should learn to care and have compassion for others, we don’t all wise have to seem to win, sometimes we have to loose to win!


Multidimensional Treatments

Records show that Energy Treatments (Reiki) was a fully developed and vast medicinal system that many ancient civilisations were using to keep body, mind and spirit healthy.  It was indeed prevalent in the ancient civilisations of the Americas, India and Egypt.
Energy Treatments (Reiki) has recently come to the forefront again as more and more people awaken to the immense and powerful potential of their mind, body and spirit to heal and create their realities.
By definition, energetic treatments is a method of treatments that manipulates the subtle (Electric) energy systems of the body (or rather bodies) with the goal of ensuring the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of a person. The human body is a complete energy system in tune with the Universe. Any imbalance in the body would create obstruction in the flow of energy, which results in illness. Basically, energetic treatment (Reiki) ensures that the energy flow within the body moves unobstructed.

Perhaps you have heard the latest buzz phrase: (Reiki) Energy Therapy. As you may have noticed, within recent years, the idea of Energy Therapy has profoundly taken off in the West. So, what is exactly is Energy Therapy? More importantly, How can Energy Therapy transform your life in the way it has seemingly changed so many others?
So, let’s begin.
Within and surrounding your body is a field of energy.
The Chinese call this energy “Qi” and you may have heard about it when people talk about Acupuncture or Martial Arts. Sometimes this energy is referred to as your aura or even the energy of your chakras.
Despite its different names, the energy of your body plays an important role in your daily life.
As you go about your day, your energy field is constantly reflecting, absorbing, projecting and even deflecting the energy of everything around you.
From the energy of other people to the energy of electromagnetic fields and even the energy of conversations and emotional events, your energy field is in a constant state of movement and change.
That constant state of movement can eventually have an effect on your energy field, causing imbalances and “sticky points” where experiences get stuck.
Points in your energy field can be weak or strong, vibrant or lethargic and even sticky or smooth.
The great news is, energy fields can easily be healed.


“I work with the persons consciousness and their energy field, there is physical contact with the client when I instinctively know it is needed”.

Energy Practice

Energy techniques, of which there are many different disciplines, are an effective natural aid to self-restoring. By removing negativity, giving energy to the client and balancing the energy centres, unhealthy negative energy can be lifted and dispersed by the Energy Practioner, helping the energy centres to return to a more balanced functioning.
Energy facilitation is a holistic approach to facilitating the return to good health. It involves tracing the cause of any suffering through the physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual symptoms to its roots deep within our psyche.

Energy practice involves shifting from the perspective of the ego to the awareness of the true self. Energy facilition is beyond words since words are primarily the egos tools for differentiation and judgements. The energy practitioner’s total awareness without one shred of doubt, of the client’s true perfection and the energy practitioner’s oneness with the client and God/Source, held for just an instant, is all that is needed to evoke a sudden shift of wellbeing.
Only the mind needs shifting, if an Angel were to swoop in and heal the client’s illness without a corresponding change in the persons belief system, the illness or another version of it would soon return. The awareness of oneness is the instrument of energy facilitation and helping the client obtain this if only for a short while, can restore any illness.
Our natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health and well-being. However, when faced with difficulties in our life which we find too painful to accept, we tend to hold these unresolved negative energies in our Aura (Energy System).
This creates blockages in our energy field , first in the mind then in the body and then in the bones, which then depletes our vitality and can lead to ill health and suffering. With the assistance and the skills of the energy practioner, you can be guided into bringing these blockages to light and releasing them.
This enables restoration on all levels including physical well being, emotional well-being, relationships and spiritual realisation. The energy practitioner may also guide the client through a process of inner enquiry as to the cause of their condition.
This takes process deeper and encourages the client to create their own good health and well-being. By being helped to release the disruptive energies the person can let go of past negative issues and return to a more happy, balanced existence.
Where there is physical pain or disease, possibly caused by stored negative energy, the lifting of the negative energy can remove the discomfort and help to assist the person in healing themselves from within. Pain or disease in many cases is the bodies way of showing you that there is a problem that needs to be looked at, (i.e.) the issue that created the negative energy that is probably causing the discomfort.
With support from the energy healer and the opportunity to talk about the issues concerned, hopefully, the client can obtain a state of good health, free of pain in Mind, Body and Spirit.
Energy healing works on the whole being, helping reduce the effects of illness, soothing aches and pains clearing the energy fields, assisting the client to remove ego issues and therefore help them in finding their true self and eventually freedom from ego-based issues, imbalances and illnesses.

Each of the energy centres vibrate and rotate at different rates, on different frequency bands. The energy wave patterns for each energy centre correlate with different colours.
The typical Base energy centre is red and the Sacral orange, the Solar Plexus chakra is yellow and the Heart centre is green.
The Throat centre is light blue, the Forehead / Brow chakra is dark blue / indigo and the Crown chakra can be purple, white, magenta, gold and so on depending on the spiritual aspect of the person. Each energy centre effects a certain part of the body, its organs and nervous system within that area. When an energy centre is not functioning properly ill health can result in the part of the body concerned.