Thanks Thomas, since I started training with you I feel more confident, fitter and younger than I have for years. Your classes are great fun and your enthusiasm inspires us all.


Everyone is so friendly and they made me feel welcome from day one.


I have seen Tai-Chi and thought it looked a gentle form of exercise. That is why I started. I do find the whole Tai-chi concept makes me feel less stressed after a hard week. Concentrating on the moves rally helps me to unwind.

I don't all wise have time to do much practicing as I work in a busy office full time, help look to my mother and am doing a home study course but I find Tai-Chi helps me to cope with all this. It has also helped my Breathing and Health. I think Tai-Chi can be very beneficial for health.


I started Tai-Chi ( 10 Years ago) because I was interested in things to help me relax. I had friends who did Tai-Chi and decided to give it a go. I found that a session of Tai-Chi left me relaxed and feeling much more positive about life .I didn't necessarily enjoy the physical class through, finding the movement rather interesting often. I just kept going because I could tell it was doing me good.


As time has gone by, the benefits have built up. And I feel generally more balanced and comfortable in my body. This has inspired me to continue. I also enjoy being part of a group and working with other people to build up a joint practice where we help each other.
I find also that I enjoy the sessions more now. I think of Tai-Chi as a method of becoming more aware of my body functions. Instead of living in my head. I find the movements are full of beauty and significance now and I can carry that over into my daily life.



Having had an extremely stressful year in many ways, I wanted to gain some physical and mental strength. I like the fact that this was accessed from the very first session at one’s own personal level.

I joined your classes to help me cope with life, as I was going through particularly stressful period at the time. My wish was to be more relaxed and balanced, while at the same time maintaining agility and general fitness.

My experience has been that your classes have given me all this and more. Which is why I enjoy coming to them? They friendly atmospheric and your patient caring attitude, makes it a pleasant and uplifting experience.


My aim was to relax my mind and body from the mental stress of academic study.....
And it worked from the start!
I still enjoy it and think that I benefit from Tai-Chi a lot gaining mental relaxation and physical strengths.


I started Tai-Chi classes because I needed to imp-roof my fitness and my confidence.
Going to Tai-Chi classes has made me realize how important it is to invest a good part of my time into my wellbeing and health!
I am still practicing Tai-Chi because there is still so much to learn. It has helped me to become aware of my movements, breath, posture, feelings, and more. To be in control is important, willingness to listen, and to change also. I continue to attend classes because it helps me to make positive changes within myself all the time- there are always improvements to make and new challenges to face.


What I have found through training with you is something much more important than stretching and suppleness exercises. It soon became obvious to me that you were opening me up to something very big and very profound, something that would be a major focus for the rest of my life.


Tai Chi with you has given me a structure through which I can take responsibility for my body. I have become much more aware of its muscles and joints and internal organs, of how the way in which my body functions is linked to the way that I live and to the food I eat, and of how the mind and body interact. I am very much more aware now that this body is Bruce body, that what happens both to it and in it is for Bruce to influence and control. And I think that if I can continue to become better at getting to know my body, and at treating it with respect, I can have more control over my life in a broader sense, more control over how I relate to other people.