Karate Do - White Belt

The white belt phase consists primarily of developing simple techniques and movement, as well as learning solid principles of self-defense.

Students learn the basics of Karate-Do, including punching, kicking, effective blocking, and solid movement and stances. The aim of this phase is to achieve effective technique and movement.

Kata (or forms) are introduced which provide a combination of challenging movement and effective combinations. Click here to read more about Kata.

Partner-work is also introduced through Ipon Kumite (one-step sparring). Click here to read more about Ipon Kumite.

Towards the end of the white belt phase, randori (or free sparring) is introduced in a very safe and controlled manor. By this time, the practitioner will have learned how to move their body reasonably well, and to recognise the stopping-distance of their techniques. Click here to read more about Randori.

Ipon Kumite and Randori are always practised with safe distance in mind, to ensure that no accidents happen. At this stage, even fully extended techniques will fall short of contact with the partner.

The bo staff weapon also features in the white belt phase. Click here to read more about weapons training.